Noel R.

transforming mind and body

I came to OTF after I was cleared for workouts following my third and fourth surgeries after ovarian cancer. It was right after my 5-year cancer free anniversary that I realized that having a trainer just wasn't cutting it for me. I beat the odds. I beat a killer. Yet, after my two girls were born and going through menopause at 35, my body just wasn't performing as it once had. I was general manager for Athleta, and I sent one of my sales associates to do a write up for our employees about OTF. It was still too intimidating. A class for me? I’m not coordinated enough, fit enough, young enough. So, for 30 days, I sat around and thought about it. My friend Carrie who was an OTF member said "If I can do it, you can do it. Its dark, there’s loud music, nobody is watching you, you can do this." 

I went to my first class, completed 2-3 a week and then Hell Week. I’ve never ran, I could maybe attempt one push up, and the thought of a rower … no thank you. I had created a story in my head of all the no ways and had forgotten about what this body had already been through. I had my last surgery to fix my 15-inch scar the day after Hell Week completed. I placed my membership on hold, and I counted the days until I was released to return -- December 4th. 

"Today I’m competing in the Transformation Challenge, I’ve lost 10 pounds and 3% body fat."

I just completed 16 days in a row, I can challenge myself to jogging pace on the treads daily, I can row with the best of them, and I can do 10 real pushups. 

As a mommy to toddlers, I get little to no time for myself. Yet, I have learned that if you don't take care of yourself to be the best you, you can't be the best for the people you care about either. You must find it in yourself first, stick with it, and celebrate the wins. This is your hour, nobody can take that away from you.